Eurofragance 2012 Sales Up 12%; Personal Care Fragrance Surges

Spain-based Eurofragance, which specializes in the design and production of fragrances and flavors, said its 2012 full-year sales grew 12%, with a significant increase in sales of fragrances for personal care.

For the full year, Eurofragance’s sales rose to €42.9 million from €38.3 million a year earlier. Revenue from fragrances continues to represent the bulk of the company's turnover. It said sales within the EU have increased by 27% and continue to expand in other international markets. For 2012, the increase in sales of fragrances for personal care was significant, with growth of 13% from year-ago levels.

Eurofragance’s fragrance division develops solutions for detergents, perfumes and personal and home care products. Currently, the Rubí, Spain-based company has a presence in four continents and has subsidiaries in Turkey, the Philippines, Mexico (with a new production plant inaugurated in 2011) and Dubai.

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