Blue Marble Biomaterials and SAFC in Sustainable F&F Ingredient Distribution Pact

Blue Marble Biomaterials, a specialty biochemical manufacturer, has secured an exclusive distribution contract with Sigma-Aldrich Corp.'s custom manufacturing and services business unit, SAFC. 

The agreement gives SAFC’s customers access to Blue Marble’s offer of natural and sustainable biochemical alternatives. These products will be sold under the SAFC portfolio and are expected to be available for purchase in April of 2013.

Colby Underwood, co-CEO and chief business officer for Blue Marble Biomaterials, told P&F the agreement includes flavor and fragrance, and will begin with extracts and oils, [and] will then expand into other produt lines as the year progresses.

According to a written statement, Blue Marble said the team has been working over the past several months to develop a comprehensive strategy to offer all-natural, drop-in replacement biochemicals to customers. In 2010, 20% of all chemicals sold globally were sustainable, according to the company's research, and the United States Department of Agriculture predicts that 45–50% of all chemicals sold will be sustainable by 2025.

"This relationship helps to illustrate the trend that is occurring with natural biochemicals and through this agreement with Blue Marble, SAFC has the potential to be the market front runner in offering natural biochemicals to its customers," Underwood added in a written statement. 

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