Frutarom to Produce HyperPure Tech in U.S. in Mid-November

Frutarom, through its Frutarom Health USA unit, will begin production of its HyperPure technology, which is developed and used to process botanical raw materials in the Frutarom’s Swiss facility, in the company’s North Bergen, N.J., plant in mid-November.

“We are very glad to have this environmentally friendly technology available in the U.S. for the first time,” said Jeffrey Lind, vice president of Frutarom's health business. “This increases our production capacity, allows us to respond more quickly to our customers’ demands, and as with all of our New Jersey-produced ingredients, we now have kosher-certified ELFA with a shorter time to market,” he added.

To ensure high product quality, Frutarom developed and patented EFLA HyperPure to ensure that finished extracts fulfill quality requirements. Utilized in Frutarom's pharma-grade plant in Wädenswil, Switzerland, the very first U.S.-based run will be completed this month.

The technology utilizes a specially designed cross flow membrane microfiltration process to separate unwanted lipophilic compounds. Stable, pure and active extracts are obtained without using any harsh solvents. The majority of Frutarom’s core products are produced using this technology, including Benolea (olive leaf), Portusana (purslane) and Neuravena (avena/green oat). 

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