Symrise Invests in Nördlingen Site

Symrise (Holzminden, Germany) has expanded its beverage production facilities at its Nördlingen site. The Nördlingen site is used to develop beverage flavorings and raw materials and to manufacture flavorings for the beverage industry. Symrise has built a new pilot plant and a laboratory for its applications and process technology research with an investment of 1.8 million euros. These facilities are specially designed for developing and processing natural raw materials, with the new pilot plant to be used for extracting and distilling plant materials such as herbs and spices. The pilot plant will enhance the company’s ability to produce high-quality distillates and extracts, which will be used as a basis for manufacturing flavorings and emulsions.

Of the new plant, Symrise beverages EAME unit head Frank von Keutz said, “By investing in the pilot plant, we are clearly demonstrating that innovation is one of the most important tools we have for expanding our position as a leading flavorings manufacturer.”

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