New Joint Venture, Taste Advantage

A.M. Todd (Kalamazoo, MI) and Brian Byrne and Carol Byrne (owners of Natural Advantage, Lakeland, FL) have teamed up to form Taste Advantage LLC, providing enhanced, natural flavor bases and ingredients. Additionally, the new company will present customers with new flavoring systems for emerging needs in oral care, confectionery and beverage markets. Taste Advantage’s natural flavor systems will include sweetness enhancers, bitter masking agents, increased flavor longevity and enhanced flavor definition. The company will be located in Lakeland. Both A.M. Todd and Natural Advantage will continue to operate separately in their respective businesses.

Of this new business, A.M. Todd chairman and CEO Henry Todd said, “The combination of A.M. Todd’s agricultural, flavor technology and product development resources with the Byrne’s capabilities in natural ingredient and principle component development is a winning combination for both companies and their customers.”

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