SOSI Sponsors Award

The Sense of Smell Institute (SOSI) has announced that it will sponsor a Science of Fragrance Award at the annual meeting of the Association for Chemosensory Sciences (AChemS) that will be held April 26-30 in Sarasota, FL. The award will recognize an oral or poster presentation on research that has clear relevancy and potential for application to the creation and/or marketing of fragrance products. The award winner will receive $1500 and will be required to submit a White Paper on the subject of his/her winning presentation.

Of the award, SOSI's executive director Theresa Molnar said, "The award was established to encourage research that has a direct relevance to the fragrance industry within this unique community of scientists who specialize in olfactory research. It is our hope that this alliance with AChemS will help to bridge the gap between the academic scientific community and the fragrance industry."

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