CPL Aromacore Fragrances Reveal Additional Laundry Care Advantages

Following further development testing, CPL Aromas has confirmed that Aromacore fragrances used in laundry care now last for over twice as long as at launch and are available for laundry liquid use, as well as in fabric softener applications.

The company said in both uses, the fragrances have excellent high-temperature stability and outstanding performance characteristics.

"This exciting development gives CPL customers the flexibility of buying one fragrance for use in both types of delivery system, rather than needing different fragrances for each product,"  said Tim Whiteley, Head of Global R&D at CPL. "This is a real cost saving benefit and gives both CPL and our customers a huge market advantage." 

Launched in April 2013, Aromacore is CPL’s newest development, a fragrance encapsulation technology. Using polymer encapsulation technology, Aromacore locks CPL fragrances within a protective capsule. The outer shell of the capsule, which is highly substantive to fabric, protects the fragrance and allows it to remain active for a very long period. The fragrance is released when the outer shell is broken by friction, when in use or being worn. Not all Aromacore capsules are broken at once, so that a user can enjoy the fresh, clean fragrance long after washing, for more than 90 days.

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