Kancor North America Launches in Morristown, NJ

Kancor North America, a subsidiary of Kancor Ingredients, has officially launched its offices in Morristown, NJ.

Geemon Korah, CEO of Kancor, explained, “Our objective to expanding into North America is to further our commitment to our customers for new ingredients to satisfy the fast-paced consumer product demands and quick-changing trends in the food, beverage, fragrance and healthcare and personal care markets." (Read more comments from Korah about the new unit in P&F's current November issue, which is available in print or digital editions for subscribers only.)

Kancor North America said it will focus on a parallel selection of products, in addition to highly specialized and expanded solution-driven and customized products created by its technical and application teams in the new North American facilities. In addition, Kancor said its goals are to integrate innovative concepts in product manufacturing with advanced technology, to offer customers quality products that give value for the money. 

As part of the initial launch, Kancor has also introduced a variety of products such as OxiKan, a full range of natural antioxidants derived from the finest rosemary, which enhances shelf life naturally without the use of any chemical ingredients; as well as Granor, a line of spice extracts that come in free flowing granular formats, for example. 

Kancor North America is a global natural ingredients manufacturer serving the flavor and fragrance, food and beverage and personal care industries. For more than four decades, Kancor Ingredients has offered ingredients such as spice oleoresins, natural food colors, botanicals, essential oils, floral extracts, fragrances, nutraceuticals, phytochemicals and an organic range, to name a few. 

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