Novacyl Launches New Brands: YSA, YMS and YOS

Novacyl, which is committed to sustainable development and is a partner of the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and flavor and fragrance markets, has launched YSA, YMS and YOS, three new brands of salicylic acid, methyl salicylate and octyl salicylate.

The move highlights the company's transformation to a business development-oriented company.

“These new brands reflect Novacyl’s willingness to boost its penetration in targeted markets such as pharmaceutical and cosmetics” said Gilles Grenier, Novacyl's managing director.

YSA, YMS and YOS will strengthen Novacyl’s developments in a large number of pharmaceutical, cosmetic and F&F applications. The line is paraben-free and compliant with U.S. and European pharmacopoeias.

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