FONA International Launches Discover FONA Website

FONA International has launched a Discover FONA website in order to expand the food and flavor science educational program's reach to students across the country.

"Discover FONA enables us to share our passion for education and, of course, our passion for the flavor industry," said Joseph Slawek FONA's founder and CEO.

The website is a growing resource for teachers and students. It includes lesson plans, demonstrations, tools and resources for hands-on learning and exploration into the food and flavor industries.

"Discover FONA aims to help teachers engage their students with real-world applications of their science studies," said Katie Sudler, director of Discover FONA. "We want to introduce students to careers in food science and chemistry, open new doors to them, and show kids how fun these areas of study really are. Our new website will help us reach out to teachers and students beyond our local community."

In 2012, FONA connected with nearly 1,400 students from 20 area schools through the discover FONA program.


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