Symrise's New Graduates

Symrise Perfumersthu1

Five junior perfumers at Symrise's Perfumery School successfully passed their exams and have been named perfumers, effective immediately. Now the new perfumers will start working with senior and master perfumers, using materials and technology from Symrise.

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The five graduates, Marion Becker, Marilia Duarte, Lisa Fleischmann, Nikolaj Koralewicz and Tanja Schumacher, were awarded certificates by Achim Daub, Symrise's president of scent and care.

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"Congratulations and thank you for presenting such inspiring masterpieces. We feel very proud to be able to appoint today five young perfumers of your talent to our global perfumery force. With your inspiring passion for fragrances, as well as your outstanding creativity and uncompromising desire to collaborate and share globally, you will strongly contribute to further develop and strengthen our outstanding global perfumery team. We are looking forward to your inspiring work on future projects and fascinating new wins," said Daub.


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