EO x Alaska Airlines Launch Essential Oil Sanitizing Hand Wipes


EO, an essential oil-infused hand sanitizer, body care and hand soaps brand, has announced an exclusive partnership with Alaska Airlines to provide travelers with EO hand sanitizing wipes to help fliers feel more comfortable and relaxed.

The partnership is an extension of Alaska Airlines’ Next-Level Care commitment to health and safety measures and taking self-care to new heights.

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EO and Alaska Airlines are encouraging travelers to practice good hygiene and vigilant hand cleaning, while simultaneously providing flyers with a relaxing and peaceful experience.

Through the strategic partnership, Alaska Airlines will be providing complimentary EO French lavender single-use natural wipes, which are 99.9% effective against common germs, as a complimentary service aboard all Alaska Airlines flights during the first beverage service.

The moisturizing ingredients and pure lavender essential oils of EO’s French lavender hand sanitizing wipes come together to clean users hands and to give them a calming and stress-free travel experience.

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