Natural Moss Extracts

Biolandes offers three natural moss extracts that comply with IFRA’s 43rd amendment and have a long-lasting effect of five to six weeks on a smelling strip. Oakmoss Absolute Low Atranol delivers the typical smoky note of oakmoss with an undergrowth and woody/ conifer facet, while Oakmoss Inco 20 Low Atranol’s lighter color makes it especially useful in cosmetic applications and soaps. This extract is less smoky than the absolute, more mineral and slightly marine. Treemoss Inco 30 Low Atranol has a smoky dry lichen note that comes to the fore after a very woody/conifer top note. Conventionally used in chypres, these extracts are also suitable for eaux fraîches and fougères. In addition, they harmonize well with woody, citrus and leathery notes.

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