TOURNAIRE packaging protects the most sensitive materials since 1833

Tournaire Pf2209 Lead

For nearly two centuries, Tournaire, along with American subsidiary, Elemental Container, have served the perfume and aroma industries from local sources everywhere in the world. Thanks to Tournaire’s monobloc aluminum packaging, perfumers around the world safely store and transport their essential oils, compositions and other aromatic specialties. From a few grams to 25kg containers, with narrow, wide or full openings, Tournaire’s solutions provide the highest seal integrity performance on the market. Technical excellence and best-in-class delivery performance allow you to store and ship all liquid or solid aromatic products with total peace of mind.

9M6 Aluminum sample bottles

Tournaire’s 9M6 range of aluminum bottles is perfect to send small samples of perfumes and essential oils. It is both elegant and 100% recyclable while offering protection against light and oxygen. Find out more by clicking here.

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25 and 32L large monobloc aluminum bottles

Tournaire’s Plus 62 range of seamless aluminum bottles is available in large capacities. Our 25 and 32L UN-approved bottles will enable you to safely ship or store 20 to 25kg of oil. Find more information by clicking here.

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A worldwide dedicated network

In order to serve every single customer with optimal service, Tournaire has developed, over the past 70 years, a broad international network of distributors supported by two subsidiaries: Elemental Container in the USA and Tournaire Asia in Asia and Oceania. Find your local Tournaire Original bottle supplier here.


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