Odor Analysis of (E)- and (Z)-3,7-Dimethyl-4-octen-l-ols and Their Derivatives

We studied the relationship between the shape of the molecule and the odor properties of the isoprenoid compounds, focusing our attention on how these odor properties were influenced by the configuration of the double bond.

This article describes a study of a group of (E)-compounds and a separate group of (Z)-compounds obtained from (E)- and (Z)-isomers of 3,7-dimethyl-4-octen-l-ol.

Materiala and Methods

3,7-Dimethyl-4-octen-l-ol, however isomeric to known monoterpene alcohols citronellol and menthocitronellol, has never been identified in natural materials. Earlier, this alcohol was obtained as a mixture of (E)- and (Z)-isomersl or in mixture with menthocitronellol. Both pure isomers of 3,7-dimethyl-4-octen-l-ol were synthesized by us according to Scheme 1.

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