Progress in Essential Oils

Geranium Oil In 1996, Zang et al. analyzed geranium oil of Chinese origin. Although they found that some of the major constituents were citronellol (24.73%), geraniol (8.79%) and linalool (4.16%), the authors misidentified many of the other constituents; however, it is included in this review for completeness.

Möllenbeck et al. (1997) analyzed a sample of geranium oil produced in Madagascar. The oil composition was found to be as follows:

In addition, the authors examined the oil using chiral GC of some of the major constituents of the oil. They found the following enantiomeric distribution:

(3R)-(-)-linalool (51%) : (3S)-(+)-linalool (49%) (4R)-(-)-terpinen-4-ol (67%) : (4S)-(+)-terpinen- 4-ol (33%) (3R)-(+)-citronellol (26%) : (3S)-(-)-citronellol (74%)

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