Pink Lotus Absolute

Pink lotus, Nelumbo nucifera, with a geologic record dating back 135 million years, is one of nature’s most ancient aromatic botanicals. However, until recently, it was not available as a commercial perfume material. In fact, now that it is available, we are able to evaluate and utilize the same scent enjoyed by the dinosaurs. This is a truth worthy of attention!

As humans we are compelled to discover and investigate our surroundings. Perfumers are among the explorers of the earth, enabling the rest of the world to experience new fragrances through the new materials they have discovered. I was recently able to make my own quest — in this case, in search of pink lotus absolute. In meeting the lotus flower growers and collectors, agents and brokers, and inspecting the biomass through all steps to its extraction, my knowledge grew.

There are basic steps involved in introducing new perfume materials to the industry. All the logistical steps must be in place in order to offer a secure supply chain for successful product manufacture. As I like to put it, everyone involved from supply to creation must “see to believe and believe to see.”

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