For more than a century, deep in the Drôme Provençale, the Bontoux family has specialized in producing aromatic raw materials from the gifts of nature. 

“The Bontoux Group is a legacy created and nurtured by four generations. A family company that values sustainability and connection: connection with the company’s original terroir – a land to be cherished and preserved – and connection with our future generations, who will, in turn, inherit this legacy. To better understand the context of this effort, it is important to emphasize that Bontoux is a company that operates on a global scale with the aim of having a local impact, supporting the development of the valley where it was born,” states Remy Bontoux. 

In 2016, to preserve these lands, both natural and “man-made,” we formalized our commitment to sustainable development through four pillars: preserving our environment, implementing responsible sourcing, protecting and proactively contributing to the local socio-economic fabric, and, lastly, remaining determined to act together to put these policies into practice implementing the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact. 

Being proactive and partnership-oriented, we collaborate with flavor and fragrance creators to promote a natural haute culture – crafting the finest essences from the best of what is cultivated in the earth. 


Through our close collaborations with growers around the globe, we have built strong bridges between local production and the industries using natural products.

The absolute traceability of our ingredients is a founding principle of our business:

Our bergamot essential oil is the result of shared expertise from the cultivation of the fruits in Calabria with Patea Azienda Agricola, a family business to skillful processes by Bontoux in France.

On the left Fabio Trunfio, manager, Azienda Agricola Patea; on the right, Elise Leclerc, sustainable sourcing manager at Bontoux.On the left Fabio Trunfio, manager, Azienda Agricola Patea; on the right, Elise Leclerc, sustainable sourcing manager at Bontoux.
Our green vanilla beans are sourced by our local team directly from producers and cooperatives. They are then cured for several months, respecting traditional methods, to develop the subtle, fiercely coveted vanilla aroma.
Bontoux Ocean Indien in Mananjary, Madagascar
Bontoux Ocean Indien in Mananjary, Madagascar

We are experts in the full range of plant-processing techniques, all designed to respect our resources and the people that make them possible.

Our analysis and quality-control laboratory is the crucible of our know-how. Our engineers constantly monitor technological developments, designing new methods and processes to respond to every concern about consumer safety regarding pesticides, allergens, and more. Our high-performance analytical equipment has enabled us to be active participants in developing AFNOR and ISO standards for most essential oils.


Our vast expertise in organoleptics and understanding of the agricultural world, dovetailing in-depth knowledge of specific food cultures found in every region of the world, make us exceptionally qualified to help you address the challenges of satisfying taste preferences across the planet.

The complementary range of natural ingredients produced by Guedant, who joined the Bontoux group in 2018, has enlarged our offer of natural ingredients for flavors by organic certified or conventional fruit extracts, vanilla extracts and other water-soluble citrus essential oils.


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