Discover Sensient´s Ambrette Seed Oil


Did you know that at Sensient we distill Ambrette Seed in our site in Granada, Spain?
Ambrette Seed Oil is highly appreciated for its intense, sophisticated olfactive and aromatic features.

Ambrette Seed oil is an excellent plant-based substitute to animal musk notes used in perfumery. This rich woody, musky ambery oil is wonderful to work with when creating exotic, oriental or masculine blends. A perfect choice for many applications: perfumery, flavouring, personal care, cosmetics, gin, aromatherapy, amongst others.

Sensient offers premium quality crude ambrette, obtained through steam distillation.
We also offer more refined grades. Kosher, Halal, Food Grade. Direct sourcing in origin.

Our extensive range of Essential Oils provides a “just picked from nature” sensory experience.
For over 100 years we combine science and nature to guarantee the best Essential Oils.

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