Studies of some balsamics in perfumery

The most important natural balsams used in perfumery are benzoin, cistus, copáiba, galbanum, myrrh, labdanum, olibanum, opoponax, peru, styrax and tolu. Of these, we studied the chemical composition of the following balsamic products:

Benzoin Sumatra (styrax benzoin) Peru Balsam (myroxylon pereirae) Tolu Balsam (myroxylon toluiferum) Styrax (liquidambar orientalis)

Furthermore we investigated the strengths of the main odor aspectsof the natural balsams and of a series of aroma chemicals having a balsamic odor character. It is difficult to describe the odor character of the balsams. According to Müller all materials "with a cerain richness and warmth, and also possessing a fruity/aromatic sweetness" can be regarded as having a balsamic note. Tolu Balsam, for instance, has been described as having a rich, sweet, slightly cinnamon-like and very tenacious odor.

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