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Rose harvesting season is upon us, bringing fresh rose oil and rose water to the market. Prinova is joining forces with our partners to capture the harvest stories in person, all of which is available free to our subscribers. While both offer the floral aroma characteristic of the Rosa x damascena petals, they differ in terms of intensity, pricing and applications, as highlighted in the table below.

Prinova Pf2111 Table

Often used in fine fragrances, Rose Oil has a much higher price point than Rose Water. Following an unusual year, pricing for this product has decreased, and now is a great time to take a position, as it is going for well below its average market price.

Meanwhile, Rose Water continues to see growth in sectors such as cosmetics and aromatherapy; with associated benefits including antioxidant properties and moisturizing effects on the skin. Don’t miss out on this growing trend by incorporating Rose Water into your formulations today! 

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