The Search for New Aroma Chemicals

lthough up to 10,000 natural and synthetic aroma chemicals exist, the search for new or improved products is ongoing in the flavor and fragrance industry (F-1). The search for new substances starts with the analysis of the possible benefits, the existing knowledge and the routes that can be followed. The hunt for new flavor and fragrance substances can, for example, be initiated by the following guidelines:

• Isolation of new natural products (mixtures or character-impact compounds). • Searching for open spots in groups of existing natural compounds. • Studying biogeneration (biochemical formation) of new volatile compounds. • Investigation of reaction occurring during food processing (e.g. cooking, baking, frying). • Predicting new groups of substances from structure-odor relationships.

Some recently published programs for the isolation of new products from nature will be discussed herein. In addition, a series of ideas for the development of new or improved flavor and fragrance substances will be presented. These ideas concern new mono- and sesquiterpenoids, substitution of sterical or electronical parts (functional groups) of molecules by more stable ones. New materials with greater organoleptic or olfactive value-for-money will be suggested.

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