Musk Aroma Chemical Industry

Contact Author Lauren Barbetta, Theodore Trowbridge, and 1.A. Eldib, PhD
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Severe restrictions on the use of nitro musk ambrette are visible shifting worldwide production from nitro musks to polycyclic musks.

The imminent expiration of critical patents on IFF’s Galaxolide will result in increased competition in the U.S. polycyclic musk market.

These are two observations from a recent indepth study on the worldwide synthetic musk aroma chemical market which consolidates data on production, consumption, import/export and price trends to 1995.

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In this article we highlight some of the overall findings from the study which we believe is the first to be done on this branch of the fragrance industry. For further details, including specific data on producer/consumer countries and companies, the reader is referred to the complete study.