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Vigon Named One of the Best and Brightest Companies to Work For in the World

For the first time, Vigon International has been named one of the nation’s "Best and Brightest Companies to Work For."

Blue Marble & Welch to Collaborate on Biochemical Production

The partnership between Welch Foods, Inc. and Blue Marble Biomaterials will expand the use of natural ingredients, such as biochemicals, in fragrance and cosmetic applications.

Eurofragance Expands into Singapore

With an investment of more than 2 million euros, Eurofragance will be improving and expanding production within its new Singapore plant by the end of 2017.

Essential Oils & Lavender Farmers Affected by Regulations

In a recent case study, IFRA examined the unintended consequences that European chemical regulations had on lavender farmers and essential oil producers.

Natural Fragrance Ingredient Market Worth $5.3 Billion by 2024

According to a recently released report from the Transparency Market Research (TMR), it was estimated that by 2024 the natural fragrant ingredient market will be worth $5.3 billion.

The Juice: Liz Moores – A Modern Flapper

A self-made businesswoman and one of the most successful rising stars of the global artisan perfume scene, Moores talks candidly about the challenges she has faced in setting up an ultra niche brand.

Progress in Essential Oils: Lemon Verbena Oil

This month's column discusses the chemical composition of lemon verbena oil.

Will all of Our Flowers be Gone?

In his speech at the 2016 International Federation of Essential Oils and Trades (IFEAT) conference, Kim Bleimann encourages the industry to take an active exploration of the safety of natural chemical substances (NCS) as entities rather than an admixture of their components.

Farnesene Forms a Flourishing Future

Applications in cosmetics and personal care as well as fragrances and flavors are driving an upward trend for the farnesene class of chemicals.

Editor's Note: A Natural Debate

As the demand for naturals grow, the industry is challenged with balancing an authentic natural product with sustainable and safe processes.

Patent Pick: Oxime Ring Passes the Endurance, Sweetness Test

Imagine harmoniusly intergrating fragrance duration with balance in a predictable manner. That's what Kao inventors believe they've accomplished, as this patent explains.

Smell the Perfume at the Grand Musée du Parfum

The Grand Musée du Parfum in Paris will open December 16, 2016, providing an interactive experience for guests to learn about the history and craft of perfumery.

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