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Job. Careers. What do these two words have in common, other than the obvious? They have become two of the top search terms on this Web site. This will likely surprise no one.

In the US private sector alone, ADP Employer Services estimates that 1.3 million non-farm payroll positions have been lost in the first two months of 2009. Closer to home, there is anecdotal evidence that F&F and client companies are shuttering blue sky projects, while product launches are deferred. Even those companies that emerged from 2008 with positive results are now feeling the pinch.

But companies that work smarter and innovate will not only survive, but thrive, and the available talent pool has never been better. And so, we present P&F magazine’s Careers page, connecting great talent with great companies. Looking to fill or find a position? Contact Sandy Domin (tel: 1-847-705-0242) and she’ll get you started.

And, as this project evolves, we want to hear from you how we can better connect talent and companies.


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