Spirit Flavors Add Interesting Taste Profiles to Foods, Beverages

“Spirited” flavors are growing in popularity throughout the culinary world, adding interesting aromas and taste profiles to foods and beverages. 

For example, Comax Flavors has alcohol flavors such as Amaretto, Beer, Tequila, Champagne, Cognac, Red Wine, White Wine, Rum, Grand Marnier and more.  

“Adding Amaretto Flavor to iced tea or Tequila Flavor to cupcakes is on par with today’s flavor-focused consumer expectations," said Catherine Armstrong, vp of Corporate Communications for Comax Flavors.

In addition to offering alcohol flavors for food and beverages, Comax also offers a number of flavors that can be added to beers, wines, spirits and Ready to drink (RTD) beverages. 

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