Wixon Reveals On-Trend Zesty Sauce Seasonings, Rubs and More

Wixon Inc. has launched new on-trend seasonings and rubs as well as zesty sauce seasonings. 

The new seasonings and rubs include:

  • Bourbon Street Meatball Seasoning
: featuring green olives, salami, and zesty spices. Application: ground meat blends.
  • Brazilian Meatball Seasoning
: this blend contains South American spices, black beans, and coconut flakes. Application: ground meat blends.
  • Cajun Fah-Yuh Sausage Seasoning
: produces a medium heat with celery and green onion. Applications include: fresh or cooked sausage blends.
  • Garam Ancho Masala Rub: 
an aromatic mix of Indian flavors that can be used topically on meats and vegetables. Applications include: savory main dishes or sides.
  • Hot-n-Honey BBQ Rub: 
a bit of sweet with background notes of honey and crushed chili heat. Applications include: meat or poultry.
  • Maple Thyme Sage Seasoning: 
can be topped over chicken or french fries for a taste of fall. Applications include: poultry or sides. 

The new zesty sauce seasonings include: 

  • Backwoods Beef Stick Ketchup
: features the taste of a Tabasco beef jerky stick. Application: seasoning for sauce using ketchup.
  • Bacon Ketchup
: adds the sizzling flavor of bacon to toppings or sides. Application: seasoning for sauce using ketchup.
  • Bacon, Mushroom & Swiss Cheese
: enhances cream cheese and sauces with the distinct rich and savory notes of bacon, mushroom and Swiss cheese. Application: blend into cream cheese for dip.
  • Bombay Curry Ketchup
: is a zesty blend of authentic Indian spices. Application: seasoning for sauce using ketchup.
  • Cracked Mustard & Brown Sugar: 
is a little sweet and a little sour, delivering a bold, Georgia-style BBQ sauce. Application: seasoning for BBQ sauce.
  • Korean Queso
: can be combined with any cheese sauce to give it a signature Korean soy flavor. Application: seasoning for sauce using queso.
  • Sea Salt Dill Vinegar Ketchup: 
offers the crunch of sea salt and dill vinegar, in a sauce. Application: seasoning for flavored ketchup.
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