Kalsec’s Hot and Spicy eBook Reports Heated Trends


Kalsec has launched its Hot and Spicy eBook, featuring industry trends and insights. This report examines consumer, retail and culinary hot and spicy trends with data pulled from various sources, including both high-level macro trends and regional differences.

“As the hot and spicy trend continues to grow, so does the push to identify ingredients, including peppers, with their place of origin and with that—authenticity,” said Anna Cheely, chef, senior scientist, Kalsec in the report.

Trending Numbers and Peppers

According to the report, one out of four U.S. consumers eat spicy foods more often than they did one year ago. The report also studies numbers based on gender, age, location and even heat levels.

Hot and spicy is a trend that is seen all over the world and chains and businesses, such as Burger King, are working to deliver what the people want in new and unique ways.

The report also includes a fact page on various types of peppers, popularity across various locations and a background on other spicy flavors.

The report is available for download here.

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