Try the New Spectacularly Sweet and Spicy Flavor Trend


According to an article on Food Processing, consumers are loving the few and far between items that contain this unique combo of sweet and spicy. With countless new ways to add sweetness and spicy flavors to snacks, drinks and other prepared foods, consumers are delighted to see this trend continue.

A perfect example of a sweet and spicy combo snack is Doritos Spicy Sweet Chili tortilla chips from Frito-Lay. The company describes the flavor as a ‘sweet heat’. The chips begin with a sweet, typical cheese flavor and end with a spicy kick. This type of snack is gaining consumer interest as the combo is rare—for now.

Another example of this trend is Heluva Good!’s dip made with Tabasco sauce. The brands paired up to make this limited-time chip dip hot and spicy. The mixture of Tabasco and sour cream creates a bold heat consumers are craving.

With these combinations and cravings for high heats, it’s easy to see why snacks like these are gaining popularity. 

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