Iberchem Launches Scentium Gourmet Line Based on Home-Cooked Meals

As part part of its new Scentium brand, Iberchem Group has unveiled a new line of natural ingredients based on home cooking, called Scentium Gourmet, which do not need the word "aroma" to appear on the labeling. 

“The idea stems from the fact that our own clients were anxious to come up with industrial products whose recipes were based on home-cooking, synonymous with 'healthy eating,'" said Claudio Ghizzoni, Sentium Gourmet's technical manager. "Our aim was to develop flavoring solutions based on natural ingredients which contain no additives and do not have to be declared as aromas." 

Ghizzoni added: “We are addressing a very specific type of client, in this case makers of high-quality ready-made dishes, stocks and sauces to be placed on the market as products akin to those lovingly and individually made at home." 

Homemade or handmade products do not rely on additives (preservatives, colorings, thickeners) and aromas, which can be challenging for a large-scale producer in formulating this type of product. Industrial products inevitably contain aromas, so Iberchem says the challenge is to come up with a way of ensuring flavor which does not need the word “aroma” to appear on the labeling. Iberchem said its aromas team has developed a range of semi-elaborated ingredients which fulfill these requisites with its Gourmet Scentium range. 

“We at Iberchem Aromas do not believe that this line will be the future of aromas, as it is meant for a range of very specific products placed at a medium to high level on the market. Our line is aimed at producers who wish to test out the trend to natural or homemade dishes which is presently being favored,” he said. 

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