Wild: Fruit-based Flavors are Popular for Ice Cream

“In our experience, strawberry is still the most popular kind of fruit-flavored ice cream, despite all of the innovations and trends towards exotic fruits,” according to Inga Haubold, Wild's senior product manager.

For ice cream flavorings, Wild cited a Cherry Stars palette of four different notes: sour, sweet, black or Amarena cherry, which is similar to maraschino cherries. Strawberry Stars includes different strawberry nuances such as fresh fruit, green or forest strawberries and a jam-like option.

Wild also noted Twisting Flavors as a new trend for ice cream-sorbet desserts. They feature one particular flavor in the ice cream that combines with a second flavor in the sorbet to yield a third flavor nuance. Cinnamon ice cream blended with lime sorbet creates a cola flavor; other options include pear that comes from apple and banana, and blackberry made of raspberry and black currant. 

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