IFF Develops New Mushroom, Culinary Herbs Flavors

International Flavors and Fragrances (IFF) is introducing new herb flavors with applications in prepared foods, as well as a range of wild mushroom flavors that can enhance a savory, or umami, profile. Speaking at the Research Chefs Association expo in San Antonio, Texas, IFF executive chef Kevin McDermott said that the company has chive, basil and bay leaf flavors nd is working on tarragon, rosemary and thyme. The goal is to help create a fresher taste, and the company has an herb garden on its premises for comparison.

In addition to these herbs, IFF is introducing mushroom flavors such as portobello, shitake, maitake and oyster. They are also developing a truffle flavor. Beyond just acting as flavors, these can be used to complete a savory flavor profile.

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