Comax Offers Ethnic and Fusion Flavors

International flavors, ethnic cuisine and fusion foods have grown in appeal over recent years--so much so that ethnic food was  $3 billion market in 2011, according to market research firm Mintel. Celebrity chefs, cooking shows and even food trucks have made consumers more comfortable with foreign flavors, and now Americans are seeking out tastes from other cultures.

To help appeal to these consumers, Comax Flavors has introduced such flavors as Jamaican jerk spice, Asian taco, curry mole, wasabi, kimchi and salsa spice. These have a variety of applications, from the more expected seasonings and sauces, to savory snacks such as cheese and nutritional bars, and they can even be used in confectionery products.

“Foreign tastes that were once thought to be exotic have become far more mainstream to today's food savvy consumer,” said Catherine Armstrong, VP of corporate communications. “Incorporating unique flavors into conventional foods is a wonderful way to build excitement and interest to a very broad range of demographics.”

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