Symrise to Offer New Product Concepts at Ingredients Middle East/Gulfood Event

Symrise (Holzminden, Germany) is presenting new product concepts this year at the Ingredients Middle East/Gulfood. These concepts have been specially tailored to satisfy the taste preferences of consumers in the region: juice concepts with a taste of orange-carrot or lemon-mint, milk flavored with pomegranate and blood orange, yogurt drinks with green tea and mint, fruit gums and candies, bouillons flavored with lamb and mutton, and blue energy drinks.

Flavorings for a dynamic market reflect the diversity and consumer patterns in the region and provide new inspiration. This is the idea behind Symrise Middle East's presentation at this year's Gulfood from February 27–March 2, where it will share flavor solutions that are customized to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

Consumer preferences in MENA are evolving: More often, a healthy lifestyle should not contradict enjoyment, and vice versa. Still, the flavor is what matters most. Symrise's new flavoring platform—“taste for life”—supports its clients to help tailor brands and products to satisfy consumer preferences.

Some highlights from Symrise’s booth at Gulfood include:

  • Stay Vital products, which feature active benefits to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. In this category, clients will find products such as isotonic beverages with grapefruit-lemon flavor or milk-juice blends with pomegranate and blood orange.
  • Lighten Up products, which contribute to a balanced diet thanks to less salt, sugar, fat and no flavor enhancers. Among other concepts Symrise is offering at the Gulfood, there is a drinking yogurt flavored with green tea and mint.
  • Be Natural products, which offer taste solutions made of natural ingredients for products of natural quality. In this category Symrise features fruit gums with bilberry and lemon-lime extracts, toffees with vanilla and different fruit flavors, as well as cereal bars.
  • Just Enjoy products, such as high-impact meat flavors for lamb, beef or chicken bouillons that can be used in soups, sauces and other applications.
  • And Get Excited products, which offer taste solutions with inspiring stimulating sensations, e.g. a new sugar-free chewing gum concept with alginate encapsulations. These instant drinks feature touches such as oriental flowers, herbs and roots.
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