Bell Launches New Line of Tomato Flavors

Bell Flavors and Fragrances has launched a new line of tomato flavors.

A few of the tomatoes highlighted in this line include:

Juicy Type Tomato—a sweeter, floral, juicier taste profile.

Fresh Vine Type Tomato—has crisp green notes as if it was just plucked from the garden.

Sun-dried Type Tomato—has a very savory, meaty sweet note as if one has been cooking tomatoes all day.

Sweet Cooked Type Tomato—has a very meaty, salty, rich umami flavor.

Oven Roasted Type Tomato—has notes of sweet vanilla accented with caramelized, sugary, sweet fruity notes.

Blackened Cherry Type Tomato—has notes of fresh citrus complimented by charred and meaty notes.

Tomatillo Type Tomato—has green and tart notes and can be very acidic.

Roasted Tomatillo Type Tomato—has an aroma of cooked granny smith apples, and is very light and sweet.

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