Doehler Expands Ingredients Lines for Health & Nutrition Market

Doehler (Döhler) is furthering its focus on health and nutrition ingredients.

Its MultiSweet Plus portfolio includes:

  • MultiSweet Classic, which combines different high intensity sweeteners with a balanced sensory profile, which allows the sugar content to be reduced by up to 100%.
  • MultiSweet Stevia is made entirely from steviol glycosides extracted from the leaves of the Stevia rebaudiana plant.
  • MultiSweet Fruit are deacidified and decolorized fruit sweeteners. The taste of the MultiSweet Plus line can be further optimised using Sweetness Improving Technology (SIT), a natural flavor technology. 

The company said it is also possible to reduce the sugar content significantly in a natural way without using sweeteners thanks to Sugar Reduction Technology (SRT).

Functional mixtures for indication-specific product concepts

For products supporting a healthy and athletic lifestyle, for example, a balanced blend with L-carnitine, magnesium and vitamin B6 is available. Liquid protein solutions have been developed for beauty and sports products, as well as for food supporting muscle health in the 50-plus target group. The company said the intrinsic taste of the proteins is masked or hidden using a special combination of ingredients, so there is almost no impact on the sensory profile.

“Free from” 

For milk protein-free or lactose-free products, Doehler provides an almond base that is easy to process and produces a milk-like structure in the final product. It is characterized by a high level of stability in recipes with minerals or vitamins, too. For recipes in the gluten-free segment, Doehler offers application-specific, gluten-free malt extracts, which can be used as natural flavor components, colors or sweeteners.


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