Wixon Foodservice Group Focuses on Fresh Flavors

Wixon Inc.’s foodservice group is focusing on its “Fresh from the Beginning” philosophy in launching its latest globally sourced seasonings and ingredients.

Topical seasonings for starches and proteins include flavors such as Cheesy Sriracha, Cheeseburger for French Fries, Garlic Butter and Ragin’ Cajun.

For same-day taste sauces and soups, Wixon features BBQ Beer Sauce, Cheddar Ale Soup, Green Apple Dip and Instant Salted Caramel Dip.

Pickling seasonings include Smoky Dill, Spicy Dill and Very Garlic Dill.

Last minute flavor and texture options include same-day Guajillo Marinade, Korean Dry Dust Rub, Peruvian Aji Pepper Rub and Tandoori-Style BBQ Marinade.

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