Wixon's Latest Snack Seasonings Trends Include Sriracha and More

Wixon (St. Francis, Wisconsin) has introduced its newest topical seasonings for chips, pretzels, nuts, and other "popable" snacks. The new seasonings for snacks include:

  • Cheesy Sriracha Savory—Spices and Tabasco blend with cheese and sriracha for a kick.
  • Kashmiri Masala—An aromatic seasoning reminiscent of spices from the Kashmir region of India.
  • Organic Chipotle BBQ —This coating is a zesty mix of flavors from peppers and savory spices.
  • Organic Coconut Curry—A sweet yet tangy taste for snacks.
  • Organic Moroccan—An exotic blend that reflects a sampling of the flavors of Morocco
  • Organic Thai Peanut—An Asian infusion, featuring sesame oil, ginger, and lemon.
  • Twisted Tangerine and Wasabi—A mix of flavors, where soy sauce, spices, mustard and orange combine for a unique crunch.
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