Sensient's New Apple Flavors Line Focuses on Fruit Varietals Trend

Sensient Flavors LLC has introduced a new line of natural and true-to-type varietal apple flavors in response to consumer demand for fruit varietals. 

Driven by the health and wellness trend, consumers are choosing fruit varietals as a means to diversify their diet as they embrace the notion of positive nutrition. As a result, its new range of natural and true-to-type varietal apple flavors allows manufacturers to create products with multiple apple profiles suitable for a variety of applications.

“Through our trend research, we have discovered that consumers are increasingly reaching for apple varieties in the produce aisle and this is providing inspiration for new flavor profiles for food and beverages,” said Teresa Olah, marketing manager, flavor systems at Sensient Flavors.

The company said extensive sensory analysis and profiling was conducted to ensure that the true essence of each varietal was captured. The portfolio of varietal apple flavors includes: 

  • Braeburn—A crisp, sweet and aromatic flavor profile with juicy notes;
  • Crispin/Mutsu—A sweet honey flavor profile;
  • Fuji—A super-sweet profile with crisp notes;
  • Gala—A mildly sweet vanilla-like flavor profile;
  • Golden Delicious—A mellow profile with subtle sweet notes;
  • Granny Smith—An extremely tart profile with juicy notes;
  • Honeycrisp—A complex apple flavor profile with balanced sweet and tart notes;
  • Jonathan—A classic apple flavor profile with balanced sweet and sharp notes;
  • McIntosh—A sweet, refreshing profile with acidity and vinous profile; and
  • Red Delicious—A characteristically sweet apple flavor profile with mild aromatics.
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