Wild Flavors Celebrates Seasonal-inspired Mocktail Flavors

Wild Flavors Inc. (Erlanger, KY) is celebrating the unique taste characteristics of alcoholic beverages with a line of seasonal-inspired, non-alcoholic “mocktail” flavors.

Inspired by popular alcoholic beverages, Wild’s Mocktail line resembles seasonal bar drinks, but it's developed for a variety non-alcoholic food and beverage applications. The line of flavors can be applied to various categories of non-alcoholic applications including bakery, dairy, beverage and confectionery.

The Mocktail line of flavors includes:

Spring Flavors

  • Natural Lady Marmalade Type Flavor
  • Natural Bloody Mary Seasoning
  • Natural Gin and Tonic Type Flavor
  • Natural Frenchy Cocktail Flavor

Summer Flavors

  • Natural Fresh Pineapple Herbal Mint
  • Natural Lava Flow Flavor
  • Natural Peach Sangria Type Flavor
  • Natural Fresh Pineapple Lime

Autumn Flavors

  • Natural Pumpkin Spice Rum Flavor
  • Natural El Diablo Type Flavor
  • Natural Vanilla Rum Type Flavor
  • Natural Horchata Rum Type Flavor

Winter Flavors

  • Natural Tickled Pink Type Flavor
  • Natural Cocoa Flavor and Natural
  • Artificial Crème Sweet (dark and fluffy)
  • Natural Rum Type Flavor
  • Natural Ginger Flavor (dark and stormy)
  • Natural Apple Spice Butter Rum Type Flavor


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