Wixon Offers New Spicy Flavors for Snacks

Wixon Inc. has launched new offerings for sauces, snacks, and dips, which can be used for appetizers and side dishes.

The new products include:

Sauce Seasonings

  • Maple Thyme—This sweet blend mixes several spices and savory notes and is finished with a touch of thyme. Applications include: instant or kettle sauces. Creamy-based or sugar-based.
  • Skinny Memphis—Try this honey-flavored and exotic pepper BBQ sauce seasoning for a complex blend of flavors. Applications include: BBQ-style sauces or glazes.
  • Sweet Korean BBQ—A delicate Asian-flavored blend featuring strong soy, savory, and heat notes. Applications include: kettle-style sauces or glazes.
  • Yukon Berry Glaze—Seasoning/Sauce Featuring the robust, sweet berry flavor of the Pacific Northwest, this seasoning is ideal when included in a finishing glaze or sauce. Applications include: poultry or seafood.

Snack Seasonings

  • Chipotle with Cumin—Spicy chipotle and cumin deliver a blend of nutty, peppery flavors with some heat. Application: tortilla chips.
  • Chipotle with Roasted Garlic—Roasted garlic combines with spicy chipotle for a unique seasoning experience. Application: crackers.
  • Frank and Beans—A classic taste, just like you remember. Application: potato chips.
  • Hearty BBQ Brisket—Rich and beefy BBQ notes pack a punch. Application: potato chips.
  • Indulgent Chocolate Coconut—Sweet dessert taste—on a snack. Application: potato chips.
  • Three Alarm Chipotle Jalapeño—Smoky chipotle and jalapeño notes create a kick of a blend. Application: crackers.

Dip Seasonings

  • Garlic Pineapple—Soy Jack Cheese Featuring Asian-inspired flavors like ginger, garlic, onion, soy, and sesame, plus a bold umami background, this seasoning is designed for topical or mix-in application for “back of the house” restaurant use. Application: cream cheese-based dip.
  • Mango Chutney—A sweet yet spicy blend of chutney and juicy mango. Application: cream cheese-based dip.
  • Southwest Asian Fusion Chutney—A zesty yet delicate mix of spices, plus cilantro, ginger, and red pepper. Application: cream cheese-based dip.
  • Warm Mexican BBQ Queso—This dip seasoning features the zip of BBQ, mild spices, and a bold Southwestern queso profile. Application: cream cheese-based dip.
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