Report: Kids' Flavor Preferences Evolving

A new report issued by FONA International highlights what it identifies as the evolving taste preferences of children aged five to 13. The report identifies three drivers of this evolution:

  • Kids' and tweens' increasing pocket money, expected to grow 4.3% through 2011.
  • Growing brand awareness fueled by the plethora of sophisticated products (electronics, etc.) aimed at their age group. The report notes: "This creates a generally higher threshold of stimulation, where more interesting or intense experiences are expected."
  • More sophisticated/adventurous flavor expectations, including a desire for more intense and interesting experiences.

The report goes on to outline basic growth categories and several examples of flavors that fit those categories:

  • Ethnic: ginger, tamarind, mandarin, yuzu and mango.
  • Exotic: dragon fruit, guanabana, passion fruit, white tea and pomegranate.
  • Premium: maple, tangerine, wild berry, blackberry and chai latte.
  • Flavor blends: blueberry-maple, honey-peach, strawberry-chai, mango-melon, pineapple-cherry and orange-passion fruit.
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