Taste Trends: Novel to Everyday

FONA International has released a forecast entitled “Flavor Trends.” The booklet breaks flavors into three categories—novel, up-and-coming, and mainstream and everyday. Providing insights into the flavors that find their way onto these lists, the publication cites a number of drivers: a booming Asian-American population, health and wellness, and a growing desire for premium foods/flavors.

The report points out that the Asian American population now represents 4.3% of the US population and is the fastest-growing racial/ethnic group in the nation. Meanwhile, superfruits have grown in popularity; in fact, antioxidant-boasting products grew 500% between 2004 and 2006. Finally, consumers are looking to “trade up,” with the specialty food/drink market expected to reach $119 billion by 2009. Yet despite the introduction of new flavors to the consumer’s palette, there remain “untouchable favorites” described by FONA as Icons Plus. Below are some of the key flavors cited by FONA among its categories: 

  • Novel: shiso, longan, cupuaçu, camu camu, cherimoya, agave, Saigon cinnamon. 
  • Up-and-coming: Asian pear, lychee, acai, goji, bergamot, blood orange, white peach. 
  • Mainstream: green tea, pomegranate, tangerine, wild strawberry. 
  • Everyday: wasabi, guava, pear, French vanilla.
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