Seven Scent Reveals Latest Fragrance Trends for 2014/15

Based on research in the international worlds of fine fragrance, fashion and design, Seven Scent’s latest fragrance trends report offers an early insight into what to expect for autumn-winter 2014/15.

Key trend themes include:

  • Return of the rose: Offering a dark and dramatic interpretation of the rose, which appears for its third season, this rich, velvety and spicy fragrance is coupled with intense notes of saffron and oud.
  • Very berry: A true autumnal ingredient, dark, rich, plump and juicy berries add depth to fragrances.
  • Scents of spirits: Gin-like notes of juniper berries and the smoky aromas of whiskey and rum, add complexity and a sophisticated edge.
  • Concentrated creations: An opulent take on popular fragrances, the darker and spicier compositions feature patchouli and amber.

“As we move into the autumn, there is a natural shift toward fragrances that evoke a sense of warmth and comfort. We expect to see light summer florals giving way to an altogether darker, more intense use of rich rose and red berries, as well as a dash of spirit-inspired notes to give a seductive character to fragrances,” said Miri Scott, fragrance insight manager for Seven Scent.

Seven’s bi-annual report also offers its own unique interpretation of these trends in the form of three distinct fragrance directions for the 2014/15 autumn-winter season:

  • Futuristic folklore: An eclectic, warm, rich and spicy fragrance, inspired by a vibrant, multicultural world.
  • Augmented authenticity: Appealing to the digital generation, an energetic kaleidoscope of fruity berries, heady floral accents and warm base of sandalwood and musks.
  • Engineered evolution: A strong, bold construction where oil-soaked leather and urban woods lead to a sculptured base of metallic musks and amber resin.
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