Sensient Flavors Introduces New Premium Soft Drinks Concepts

Sensient Flavors has unveiled a range that includes ingredients with a higher fruit content, which the company said is the most innovative part of this new line. Additionally, the use of all natural colors and flavors ties in with the huge demand for all things natural.

The new drinks are available as easy-to-process concentrated, semi-finished beverage systems.According to Sensient, each one is characterized by a natural, fruity taste and a well-balanced sensory profile. For instance, Sensient blends apple with blackcurrant and cranberry. In addition, a rhubarb and pear combination leads to a bitter-sweet fruit explosion on the tongue.

When it comes to the traditional lemonade variants, Sensient said the high fruit content, with 10% and in some cases even 20% fruit, creates far more fruitiness in classic flavors such as lemon, orange and grapefruit than one would normally be expected in a soft drink.  


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