Reddi-wip Launches Non-Dairy Whipped Toppings

Photo provided by PRNewsfoto/Conagra Brands, Inc..
Photo provided by PRNewsfoto/Conagra Brands, Inc..
Conagra Brands, Inc.

Reddi-wip has debuted two plant-based, non-dairy varieties of its whipped topping product, which includes a coconut and almond based options.

Citing a Mintel International report that saw U.S. non-dairy milk sales grow by 61% in the last five years, the company released the duo of products to address the growing demand for non-dairy alternatives. The two products are gluten-free, contain no artificial flavors or preservatives and are created with natural flavors.

"We've seen tremendous growth in non-dairy, plant-based foods due to consumers' dietary restrictions and changing taste preferences," said Ryan Clark, president of the refrigerated and frozen division at Conagra Brands. "This is an exciting innovation for Reddi-wip that addresses this broader consumer demand and the requests we've received from consumers asking us to bring a non-dairy variety to market."

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