Breyers Launches Revamped Cookies & Cream Flavor

The flavor is eligible for 'coverage,' with guaranteed consumer satisfaction.
The flavor is eligible for "coverage," with guaranteed consumer satisfaction.

Breyers has launched a revamped version of their popular Cookies & Cream Frozen Dairy Dessert flavor by adding 20% more cookie pieces in every tub.

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Found in retailers nationwide, each tub holds a vanilla frozen base with crunchy creme-filled chocolate cookie pieces, for a suggested price of $3.99.

To celebrate the launch, fans can sign up on Breyer’s official website and receive both an instant 50% offer on their next tub of Breyers Cookies & Cream and an official insurance certificate that provides protection on their tub’s “cookies & cream goodness.”

Breyers Cookie Coverage guarantees 100% satisfaction with Breyers Cookies & Cream or the next tub is on Breyers. If not completely satisfied with the cookie to cream ratio in the updated recipe, fans can revisit the site and receive coverage to try another Breyers variety, for free.

Consumers can sign up for Cookie Coverage now through July 21, 2021, and file cookie claims for their coverage through August 31, 2021.

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