KitKat Launches Apple Pie Flavor

KitKat's Apple Pie Flavor. Photo: SoraNews.
KitKat's Apple Pie Flavor. Photo: SoraNews.

Nestle Japan has announced its new KitKat flavor: Mini Ragueneau Sasaki Patissier Apple Stick, or Apple Pie flavor, per SoraNews.

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The KitKats contain Aomori apple butter mixed in its inter-wafer cream and are coated in an apple pie-flavored white chocolate.

It is produced in partnership with Aomori confectioner Ragueneau Sasaki. The KitKats take inspiration from the patissier’s flagship Apple Stick miniature apple pies.

The flavor is only being offered in Aomori, Japan and retails for 800 yen ($7.60) for a pack of nine.

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