New EU Natural Beef, Chicken Flavors from IFF

Seeking more natural flavor profiles and to meet looming 2011 EU flavoring regulations, IFF (Hilversum, The Netherlands) has launched a range of natural flavors for chicken and beef. Profiles for chicken include boiled white and dark meat, roast chicken, grilled, and fatty skin varieties. Profiles for beef include rare, marrow bone, boiled, roast, grilled and stewed profiles. The flavors can be applied to soups, sauces, bouillons, gravies, marinades, noodles, quick-service foods, frozen foods and others. The development project has involved flavorists, R&D, sensory and consumer insights, regulatory, analytical and marketing staff, process engineers, and global procurement professionals.

“The new regulations present a challenge to the entire food industry in Europe, and IFF is well aware that some of the essential flavor ingredients presently in use for beef and chicken flavors will no longer be considered natural when the new laws take effect in January 2011,” said Jos Muilwijk, IFF head of global savory category management. “Our objective was to match the culinary-driven chicken flavors introduced by IFF in 2008 and the authentic beef flavors unveiled in 2009 and do so quickly to enable customers to meet the 2011 deadline.”



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