Wixon Introduces New Dip Flavors

Wixon Inc. (St. Francis, Wisconsin) has introduced new line of savory new dip flavors for fruits, vegetables and cracker segments. These flavors are complete blends intended to mix with sour cream, cream cheese or a dip base. The new dip flavor line includes:

Asiago Spinach: a blend of Asiago cheese, spinach, red bell pepper, onion, garlic, and savory seasonings.

Buffalo Wing & Bleu Cheese: a spicy dip with buffalo wings flavor paired with bleu cheese dressing and crisp tomato and green onion.

Cheddar Jack Black Bean: a Tex-Mex-style seasoning complemented with Monterey Jack cheese, garlic, spices, red bell pepper, lime juice and black bean bits.

Chili con Queso: a combination of sweet and tangy chilies flavor paired with cheddar sauce, onion, green chili peppers, chipotle chili peppers, garlic and paprika.

Peruvian Sour Orange: a spicy and sour orange flavor blended with garlic, soy sauce, chili and jalapeno peppers and lime juice.

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